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Guideline for personal information protection

Established on March 20st, 2007
Revised on February 23th, 2015
Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Ajami Abdulaziz

We, Solutions Japan Co., Ltd., are doing business related to real estate development in order to create new value and convenience and contribute to our society through property development & management using the internet. It is of the utmost responsibility to properly handle personal information when doing business. In that regard, we will diligently implement the following items.

1.Acquisition, use, and provision of personal information
Regarding personal information, which we deal with in all our business and personal information of employees, we will properly acquire, use, and safeguard them. Our aim of use for personal information will not exceed the necessary range to achieve a specific objective. In case we need to handle personal information in excess of the necessary range to achieve the specified goal, we will request in advance the approval from the concerned party.

2.Laws and regulations, guidelines and standards related to personal information
We will comply with laws and regulations and guidelines related to personal information.

3.Safety management of personal information
We take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, leak, loss, destruction or defacing, etc. of personal information.

4.Claim and consultation related to personal information
We will promptly respond to claim and consultation related to personal information.

5.Approach to protect personal information (personal information protection management system)
We will continuously revise and improve the approach to properly protect personal information.

6.Disclosure of personal information or subcontracting
Only in case of approval from the said person, in case of stipulation in laws and regulations and in case of confidential agreement between us and the subcontractor, we will disclose personal information to outside or subcontract.

7.Acquisition of personal information in a method which the said person cannot easily recognize
We do not save or keep personal information in a method which the concerned party cannot easily recognize such as using cookie or web beacon, etc.